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Yoga For Intimacy teaches simple yoga practices for increasing pleasure in intimacy.

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Yoga For Intimacy is founded on alignment-based yoga, Taoism, Tantra, and contemporary health science. 

Our program is designed to support women and men of all fitness backgrounds, with an emphasis on three core practices:

Pelvic Floor Toning: The pelvic floor works like a pump, and is how we control the flow of sex energy, blood, and ejaculation to the genital area. Pelvic floor toning is essential for an increased range of pleasure sensation. Many of our male students find that pelvic floor toning is the key to transcending erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Mindfulness: Mindfulness meditation allows us to be fully present, and therefore fully present to pleasure. This practice teaches us to release our mental chatter, so that we are able to connect with our partner on a deeper physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Many of our female students find that mindfulness is the key to experiencing vaginal orgasms for the first time.

Pleasure Poses: We teach foundational yoga poses that can immediately be applied to intimacy. Understanding the benefits of different sex positions can lead to profound sexual breakthroughs, including multiple orgasms for both partners. 

Yoga For Intimacy is taught in public workshops and private trainings. While based in New York City, our program has been taught around the world!

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Kathryn Peterson is a yoga trainer and the founder of Yoga For Intimacy. She has been featured on numerous media outlets including PlayboyTV, Sex With Dr. Jess, and Bwom. She holds BA and MA degrees from New York University.