Kathryn Peterson’s Yoga For Intimacy teaches simple yoga practices for increasing pleasure in intimacy.

Kathryn Peterson Yoga For Intimacy NYC.jpg

Yoga For Intimacy practices are guided by the following three modalities:

Pelvic Floor Toning: Through pelvic floor toning in yoga, women are able to pump more blood to our vagina and clitoris, which make us more sensitive to sexual pleasure. Through the same practices, men are able to control the flow of blood to their penis, extending their ejaculation to that they can ‘last longer’.

Meditation: Specialized meditation practices help us to be more present in intimacy, and therefore able to experience pleasure sensitivity more fully. I also teach Taoist meditation practices that help to become more conscious of our sex energy.

Pleasure Poses: I teach how yoga poses can directly be used in intimacy. Some poses are taught with the intention of conditioning our body to receive more pleasure, e.g. how the cat-cow flow increases pelvic mobility for stronger female orgasm. Other poses are taught with the intention of being practiced as a sex position, e.g. the Frog Pose as on-top position for woman-on-top or sixty-nine positions.